TAU Exchange Program - Program Guidelines and Regulations

Please read this document carefully:

The following regulations ensure your successful completion of the program and address major issues that may arise during the program.


1. Conditional acceptance

  • Students entering the program with a conditional letter of acceptance are responsible to submit all missing documents (such as: English proficiency certificate) to the Office of International Academic Affairs (OIAA) by the end of the first month of the semester. Student who will not submit all the required documents will not be able to complete the program.

2. Health Insurance

  •  Exchange students who arrive to Tel Aviv University must be equipped with full medical and travel insurance that includes medical cover in the event OF ILLNESS, ACCIDENTS OR ANY OTHER EVENT THAT REQUIRES MEDICAL SERVICES. Such insurance must be arranged and paid for by the student and suited to his/her medical needs for the whole duration of  stay at Tel Aviv University, commencing from the departure from the home country until the subsequent return.
  • A copy of the insurance including the period of coverage must be sent to exchangetau@tauex.tau.ac.il before arrival.
  • Tel Aviv University will not be able to assist uninsured or underinsured students in case of emergency or any medical event.


3. Registration to courses

  • Exchange students are allowed to take a maximum of 5 courses. In special cases, minor deviations might be possible, pending on approval from the OIAA.
  • There is no minimum number of required courses.
  • Each bachelor's student must choose 2-3 backup courses. Each master's student must choose 3-4 backup courses.
  • Courses may overlap. Therefore, it is the student's responsibility to make sure that his/her choice of courses does not involve overlapping courses.


4. Withdrawal from courses

  • Student may drop/withdraw from courses no later than 10 days after the beginning of the semester at midnight. Requests for withdrawal must be sent by e-mail to: exchangetau@tauex.tau.ac.il.
  • Withdrawing after the deadline will result in "incomplete" in the student's transcript.


5. Language proficiency requirements

  • Students from non-English-speaking-countries are required to submit a certificate of proficiency in English (either TOEFL or IELTS). The minimum required scores are 89 for TOEFL and 6.5 for IELTS.


  • Students who plan to take courses in Hebrew are required to submit a certificate/an official letter from their home university stating that their Hebrew level is B2 or higher. In Hebrew taught courses, all activities are held in Hebrew and all assignments are submitted in Hebrew. Students who take courses in Hebrew will need to meet the same requirements as regular students. Special arrangements (for example: translating the exam paper to English) will not be possible.

6. Course Attendance

  • Students must attend all classes and arrive on time. We respect a lecturer's choice not to admit students if they arrive late to a class, examination or presentation. Students are expected to attend all classes: student who will miss more than 3 classes will not be able to complete the course.
  • Students are required to complete all the academic duties in each course.


7. Term-papers and exams

  • Students are required to read carefully the syllabus of each course in order to have a clear understanding of all the requirements (number and types of assignments, deadlines, etc.).
  • If deadlines are not specified in the syllabi, it is absolutely the responsibility of the student to receive the information via the relevant administration.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to learn about possibilities of extension of deadlines due to special circumstances such as: illness, force major, etc.
  • For all questions regarding appeals, assignments and exams reviews, please consult the administration of the relevant department.


8. Class and Course Concerns

  • For all personal concerns regarding courses, students are expected to seek consultation from the relevant teacher and/or relevant administration..


9. Ethics

  • Plagiarism, fabrication, deception, cheating or any form of academic dishonesty are considered major offenses, subjected to severe punishments.


10. Financial obligations

  • In principle, exchange students are not required to pay any fees since they arrive here within the bilateral agreement between the universities. However, students are responsible to complete all special payments on time and before departure.In addition, students must return all books and other learning materials to the libraries.  Students must verify that there are no debts of any kind to the University (i.e. tuition, dormitory payments, library penalties, etc.) We will not be able to grant a transcript if there is a debt, even if it is a minor one. In addition, the program will not inform a student of his/her grades in case of a financial debt.
  • Exchange students are not eligible to several activities without payment, for example:
  1. Hebrew language classes (Ulpan) / Arabic language classes.
  2. Social activities organized by TAU International School (OSP).
  3. On-campus housing.

Students interested in these activities/services are required to enquire about availability and fees.


11. Housing

  • On-campus housing is not available for exchange students.
  • Detailed information about off-campus housing options in Tel Aviv will be sent prior to the beginning of the semester.


12. On-line facilities

At the beginning of the semester each student will get a university e-mail account. Students must check this account on a regular basis, or activate the automatic forwarding option and have all their e-mails sent from the university address to their personal e-mail address. Throughout the semester, important e-mails are sent by the university administration, including notifications to return books to the library on time. Delays in book returns will cause a financial fine.


Students will get access (user name and password) to the the on-line learning management system used by Tel Aviv University (called "Moodle system"). Students are responsible to log-in to the system on a regular basis. Some professors use this system to upload academic materials and send updates or messages to their students. logging-in regularly is mandatory.  In case of technical difficulties please consult the support center at: 03-6408888.


13. Completion of Studies and Transcripts

  • Upon completion of all assignments' assessment, the OIAA will send each student an electronic copy of his/her original transcript.
  • Individual grades will not be transmitted.  
  • Students are expected to receive their electronic transcripts approximately 8 weeks after the end of the semester.
  • Hard copy of transcripts may be supplied by completion of an order form on-line.


14. Grading System

  • According to TAU's regulations, 1 TAU credit point is equivalent to 2 ECTS.


 TAU Scale of Grades




Very Good




Fairly Good


Lowest Passing Grade


 TAU Code Of Grades*




Participated and fulfilled requirements




Administrative Requirements unfulfilled


Not entitled to take examination




Did not take examination


Postponement of course study - approved


Has to submit master thesis/PhD Dissertation


Examination grade not yet determined


Paper grade not yet determined


Has to submit a paper


Registered for the course – no grade




Course grade cancelled on disciplinary grounds


Course grade cancelled on academic grounds


Does not owe an examination


*These grades are not considered failures

TAU Course Modus

L – lecture

E- exercise

LE – lecture and exercise

S – seminar

PR – practicum

LB – laboratory

TU – tutorial

PS – proseminar

LL – lecture and laboratory

RE – guided reading

EX – examination

TR – field trip

BI – bibliography tutorial

CL – clerkship

TH – thesis

PJ – project

CO – colloquium

W – workshop

SP – seminar paper

FE – final examination


15. Special Accommodations

  • In accordance to university guidelines, students with special needs must bring official documentation from their home country/university translated into English by notary, and notify the OIAA before arrival, to make sure that the required facilities are available.


Contact List:

Tel Aviv University International office

03-6408118/8639 (for payments, registration for language courses and social activities)

University Security office

03-640-5555 (for suspicious objects, fire on campus, accidents, elevator issues, etc.)

On-campus Clalit Clinic

03-6415818 (by the central library, open Sun-Thurs 8:00am-4:00pm) – press 1

Computing support center

03-6408888 (technical support for TAU e-mail address, students system and Moodle system).

Student Union Service Center



Main library 03-640-6891

Social Sciences 03-6409537


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