Courses taught in English available for exchange students

While Hebrew is the main language of instruction at TAU, many courses are taught in English.

The course catalog for each semester is published a few weeks before the beginning of the semester.

Students are invited to review course catalogs from previous semesters to get a general idea of courses usually offered to exchange students.


Please note—participation in courses is pending availability. Exchange students enroll in a maximum of five courses. There is no minimum number of required courses.


After being accepted to the program and immediately before the beginning of the semester, the relevant updated course catalog/s will be sent to all incoming students. Students will be asked to submit their course selection form by a certain deadline. Students may not sign up for additional courses after the deadline, but students may drop courses. It is important to let the office know should you decide to drop a course.


There is a deadline both for registration and for cancellation of enrollment in courses. You will receive an e-mail message with the specific dates. Should you decide to leave a course after the deadline, your enrollment will remain on the transcript, followed by the grade of incomplete. Nonetheless, students are required to inform the office if they decide to drop a course after the deadline. This insures swift processing of transcripts at the end of the exchange program. 

Course Catalogue for the Spring Semester - Academic Year 2017-2018


Previous Catalogues

Course Catalogue for the Fall Semester - Academic Year 2017-2018

Course Catalogue for the Spring Semester - Academic Year 2016-2017

Course Catalogue for the Fall Semester - Academic Year 2016-2017




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